【Beefar’s Winter Limited Edition】Selected Shabu shabu Delights

Attention! We have great news for you. Our winter limited edition Shabu Shabu is now available, bringing warmth to your chilly season.

Top Satsuma Wagyu Shabu Shabu

特上薩摩牛 涮涮鍋 beefar's 尖沙咀燒肉
The tender texture of Satsuma Wagyu, combined with the steaming hot broth, truly warms the heart! As you indulge in the joy of Shabu Shabu, you’ll also savor the premium Satsuma Wagyu.

Satsuma & Australian Wagyu

特上薩摩牛 涮涮鍋 beefar's 尖沙咀燒肉

The combination of Satsuma Wagyu and Australian Wagyu creates a marvelous fusion that delivers a luxurious meaty experience! Paired with our carefully crafted broths, every bite becomes a winter delicacy to be savored and enjoyed.

Gather your fellow meat enthusiasts and head to Beefar’s Yakiniku to try out these two winter limited edition Shabu Shabu options! Enjoy the experience of indulging in delicious food while basking in the warmth of the winter season.

冬日限定 涮涮鍋
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