【Collect moments not things】Valentine’s Day Set with FREE instant photo prints

In a busy world, we often pursue material satisfaction. However, true happiness and fulfillment come from precious moments and memories.

Beefar's 情人節 十一

Beefar’s presents the “Valentine’s Day  Set” exclusively during the Valentine’s Day period from February 11th to 17th. Indulge in our carefully selected 4% Miracle Beef and rare cuts, elegantly presented in a floral gift box and rose-shaped design. Complete the romantic culinary experience with a delectable dessert of chocolate molten cake paired with Japanese ice cream. We will also capture a memorable instant photo for you, forever preserving this perfect moment.

Make a reservation by Feb 9 for 15% off.

Enjoy the right moments with the right person.

Beefar's 情人節 甜蜜二盛
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