【Spring Exclusive】Hotaru Ika Delicacy

Hotaru Ika

Firefly Squid, also known as “Hotaru Ika” in Japanese, is one of the most highly anticipated seasonal ingredients of spring. This popular delicacy is harvested in the northern regions of Japan, particularly in the Hokuriku area. With a short harvesting period, Firefly Squid offers a unique and limited-time culinary experience.

Hotaru Ika is known for its firm and chewy texture, providing a satisfying bite. It carries a distinct briny aroma reminiscent of the sea, adding to its allure. What truly sets it apart is its unique flavor profile, with a delightful sweetness that enhances the overall dining experience.

At Beefar’s, our team of talented chefs has gone through multiple combinations and adjustments to craft six specially designed seasonal dishes featuring Hotaru Ika. Each dish showcases the distinct texture and flavors of this extraordinary ingredient. From intricate preparations to creative presentations, our aim is to elevate the sensory experience and bring out the best of this highly sought-after delicacy.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor the ephemeral delight of Hotaru Ika. Book your table now and indulge in the culinary artistry of Beefar’s limited-time Firefly Squid dishes, created to showcase the unique and exquisite qualities of this extraordinary seasonal ingredient.


To enjoy the wonderful tastes!

Hotaru Ika Skewer

Hotaru Ika Gunkan Sushi

螢光魷魚 beefar's 尖沙咀燒肉
螢光魷魚 beefar's 尖沙咀燒肉

Deep-fried Hotaru Ika


螢光魷魚 beefar's 尖沙咀燒肉
螢光魷魚 beefar's 尖沙咀燒肉

Miso Hotaru Ika with Uni and Ikura

Hotaru Ika and Uni Nori Roll

螢光魷魚 beefar's 尖沙咀燒肉
螢光魷魚 beefar's 尖沙咀燒肉
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