【Deliver a Delicious Feast for Dad】

Create unforgettable Father’s Day memories in 2024 with Beefar’s exclusive and delectable Father’s Day limited edition set menu. Indulge in exquisite dishes for an unparalleled visual and gastronomic experience.

Beefar's 父親節 燒肉套餐 2024


The appetizer platter features carefully crafted bites, including Pan-seared Foie Gras with Crispy Caramel Toast, Satsuma Gyu Tartare with Crab Roe, and Hokkaido Scallop with Wagyu and Chives Nori Roll. These exquisite delicacies combine different flavors and textures, offering a delightful and appetizing experience for fathers.

Next is the Satsuma Seaweed Salad, a refreshing dish that highlights fresh Satsuma seaweed combined with selected ingredients and dressing. It offers fathers a healthy and delicious culinary delight.

Beefar's 父親節 燒肉套餐 2024

Father's Day Special - Seafood Platter

The seafood platter is a highlight of this set menu. It includes grilled fresh abalone and giant prawns, offering fathers a rich texture and flavorful experience with these delicious seafood delicacies.

Beefar's 父親節 燒肉套餐 2024 海鮮拼盤

Father's Day Special - Yakiniku Platter

For fathers who love yakiniku, the yakiniku platter is an absolute must-try. This platter includes Finest Ox Tongue, 4% Miracle Kalbi, Top Choice Tenderloin Steak Cube, and two rare cuts of the day. These high-quality beef cuts retain their tenderness and offer a rich and layered texture, providing a stunning dining experience with each unique cut.

Beefar's 父親節 燒肉套餐 2024 燒肉拼盤
The set is accompanied by a rich Wagyu Consommé with Misuji Thin Sliced. Another anticipated delicacy is the Top Sirloin Loin Yaki-Shabu, which offers a tender texture and a flavorful experience.

Beefar’s Father’s Day Special Set will bring a delicious feast to fathers, allowing them to experience abundant love and culinary enjoyment. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to provide your father with an unforgettable Father’s Day experience. Reserve the Beefar’s Father’s Day Special Set and make your father feel cherished.

Beefars 父親節 2024
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