its signature A5 Wagyu beef、
The 4% Miracle Beef
The award-winning farmers in Japan Wagyu competition


beefar's 尖沙咀 燒肉 薩摩牛

About Beefar's

Beefars is the very first overseas outpost of the legendary Satsuma Wagyu beef restaurant which is introduced to Hong Kong by Four Seas Group, was opened in 2018. The exquisite offerings at Beefars, freighted from Kagoshima, are from A4 up with exceptional colour and texture; its signature A5 Wagyu beef, cuts from the (The 4% Miracle Beef) of cattle ranked 10th or above in Beef Marbling Standard (BMS)。more

beefar's 尖沙咀 燒肉 薩摩牛

4% Miracle Beef

Only the selected Meijin (the award-winning farmers in Japan Wagyu competition) are entitled to produce Satsuma Gyu, the A4 grade or above Kagoshima’s beef. Satsuma Gyu is the result of farmers’ painstaking acre, passion and expertise.
Our farms are the largest cattle producer in Kagoshima. more

beefar's 尖沙咀 燒肉 薩摩牛


Beefar’s outlet boasts a pleasant vibe of sophisticated chic in a space that sits 54, with VIP rooms for a sumptuous gourmet experience with friends in privacy! more

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