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Create unforgettable Father’s Day memories in 2024 with Beefar’s exclusive and delectable Father’s Day limited edition set menu. Indulge in exquisite dishes for an unparalleled visual and gastronomic experience.

Beefar's 父親節 燒肉套餐 2024


The appetizer platter features carefully crafted bites, including Pan-seared Foie Gras with Crispy Caramel Toast, Satsuma Gyu Tartare with Crab Roe, and Hokkaido Scallop with Wagyu and Chives Nori Roll. These exquisite delicacies combine different flavors and textures, offering a delightful and appetizing experience for fathers.

Next is the Satsuma Seaweed Salad, a refreshing dish that highlights fresh Satsuma seaweed combined with selected ingredients and dressing. It offers fathers a healthy and delicious culinary delight.

Beefar's 父親節 燒肉套餐 2024

Father's Day Special - Seafood Platter

The seafood platter is a highlight of this set menu. It includes grilled fresh abalone and giant prawns, offering fathers a rich texture and flavorful experience with these delicious seafood delicacies.

Beefar's 父親節 燒肉套餐 2024 海鮮拼盤

Father's Day Special - Yakiniku Platter

For fathers who love yakiniku, the yakiniku platter is an absolute must-try. This platter includes Finest Ox Tongue, 4% Miracle Kalbi, Top Choice Tenderloin Steak Cube, and two rare cuts of the day. These high-quality beef cuts retain their tenderness and offer a rich and layered texture, providing a stunning dining experience with each unique cut.

Beefar's 父親節 燒肉套餐 2024 燒肉拼盤

The set is accompanied by a rich beef consommé soup with Wagyu Consommé with Misuji Thin Sliced, adding a warm and comforting soup to the meal. Another anticipated delicacy is the Top Sirloin Loin Yaki-Shabu, which offers a tender texture and a flavorful experience.

To conclude this luxurious feast, the selected dessert provides a sweet and delightful sensation for fathers to enjoy.

Beefar’s Father’s Day Special Set will bring a delicious feast to fathers, allowing them to experience abundant love and culinary enjoyment. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to provide your father with an unforgettable Father’s Day experience. Reserve the Beefar’s Father’s Day Special Set and make your father feel cherished.

Beefars 父親節 2024

Mother's Day Special

Next Sunday, what day is it? It’s Mother’s Day! Beefar’s is specially introducing a Mother’s Day Special, allowing you to share a delightful feast with your mom! The set includes appetizers, seafood platter, 4% Miracle Beef, and rare cuts, totaling 12 dishes. Plus, you can enjoy unlimited servings of Japanese ice cream! And there’s more! Each table will also receive an instant photo to capture the precious moments!


Hokkaido Scallop with Uni, Satsuma Gyu Tartare with Crab Roe, and Tiger Prawn and Mango Quinoa Salad. Indulge in fresh scallops, luxurious sea urchin, unique flavors of Crab Roe and wagyu tartare, and refreshing shrimp quinoa salad, marking the beginning of a Mother’s Day feast.

Beefar's 母親節 燒肉套餐 2024

Seafood platter

The seafood platter includes Unagi Shirayaki and Kanimiso, making it a favorite for seafood lovers! The Unagi Shirayaki has a rich barbecue flavor, with tender and juicy meat that is truly delightful. The Kanimiso, paired with fragrant crab roe, offers a flavorful and satisfying experience.

Beefar's 母親節 燒肉套餐 2024

Mother's Day Special - Yakiniku platter

Beefar’s has prepared a fantastic Yakiniku Platter for Mother’s Day, allowing you to indulge in delicious flavors with your mom! The platter includes a selection of premium grilled meats, each offering a unique and delightful experience. Our Finest Ox Tongue (US) is incredibly tender and juicy, with a rich beef flavor and a satisfying texture. The 4% Miracle Kalbi features top-quality beef ribs, known for their exceptional marbling and succulent taste. Lastly, the Top Choice Tenderloin Steak Cubes are tender and flavorful, providing a satisfying bite with their soft and juicy texture.

Beefar's 母親節 燒肉套餐 2024

Top Sirloin Loin Yaki-Shabu

The exceptional 4% beef is presented in a yakiniku-style, allowing you to savor the tender and flavorful taste of Satsuma striploin.

Beefar's 母親節 燒肉套餐 2024

Mother's Day Exclusive - FREE Instant Photo

For every purchase of the Mother’s Day Special, each table will receive an instant photo to capture and preserve these precious moments of warmth and joy!

Mother's Day Special available from May 6th to 19th.

Beefar's 母親節 燒肉套餐 2024

Hotaru Ika

Firefly Squid, also known as “Hotaru Ika” in Japanese, is one of the most highly anticipated seasonal ingredients of spring. This popular delicacy is harvested in the northern regions of Japan, particularly in the Hokuriku area. With a short harvesting period, Firefly Squid offers a unique and limited-time culinary experience.

Hotaru Ika is known for its firm and chewy texture, providing a satisfying bite. It carries a distinct briny aroma reminiscent of the sea, adding to its allure. What truly sets it apart is its unique flavor profile, with a delightful sweetness that enhances the overall dining experience.

At Beefar’s, our team of talented chefs has gone through multiple combinations and adjustments to craft six specially designed seasonal dishes featuring Hotaru Ika. Each dish showcases the distinct texture and flavors of this extraordinary ingredient. From intricate preparations to creative presentations, our aim is to elevate the sensory experience and bring out the best of this highly sought-after delicacy.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor the ephemeral delight of Hotaru Ika. Book your table now and indulge in the culinary artistry of Beefar’s limited-time Firefly Squid dishes, created to showcase the unique and exquisite qualities of this extraordinary seasonal ingredient.


To enjoy the wonderful tastes!

Hotaru Ika Skewer

Hotaru Ika Gunkan Sushi

螢光魷魚 beefar's 尖沙咀燒肉
螢光魷魚 beefar's 尖沙咀燒肉

Deep-fried Hotaru Ika


螢光魷魚 beefar's 尖沙咀燒肉
螢光魷魚 beefar's 尖沙咀燒肉

Miso Hotaru Ika with Uni and Ikura

Hotaru Ika and Uni Nori Roll

螢光魷魚 beefar's 尖沙咀燒肉
螢光魷魚 beefar's 尖沙咀燒肉

During the Easter holiday period (March 29th to April 1st), visit Beefar’s and enjoy a special offer! For every table with a total bill of HKD 1000 or more (after deducting discounts and service charges), you will receive an exquisite treat of one serving of “Sundae Dessert”. The more you spend, the more desserts you’ll receive! For a bill of HKD 1000 or more, you’ll be rewarded with one serving of Sundae Dessert. If your bill reaches HKD 2000 or more, you’ll receive two servings, and so on. The Easter holiday is a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. Beefar’s brings you an irresistible special offer to savor delicious flavors and enjoy sweet surprises during this festive season.

Satsuma Wagyu directly sourced from our own farm in Kagoshima

Beefar’s is renowned for its top-quality Satsuma Wagyu beef, sourced from our own farm in Kagoshima and carefully raised by award-winning breeders. From breeding to processing and slaughtering, Beefar’s has an in-house team to ensure you experience the finest and tenderest cuts of premium Satsuma Wagyu beef.

Easter Special Offer

As part of this special Easter offer, Beefar’s has prepared a sweet surprise for you. From March 29th to April 1st, every table at Beefar’s will enjoy a delightful treat. Simply spend a minimum of HKD 1000 (after discounts, inclusive of a service charge) to receive a complimentary serving of “Sundae Dessert”. Indulge in the exquisite flavors of our desserts and make your Easter celebration even sweeter and more memorable.

What’s even more delightful is that the higher your spending, the more desserts you’ll receive! When you spend HKD 2000 or more at Beefar’s, we will treat you to two servings of desserts, and so on. Experience even more sweet rewards during the Easter period.

This offer is valid only during the Easter holiday period, from March 29th to April 1st. So, start planning your Easter gathering now and bring your family and friends to savor the top-quality Satsuma Wagyu beef at Beefar’s, while enjoying the special sweet treats we have prepared for you!

beefar's 復活節 特別優惠 送甜品新地

Easter holidays are the perfect time to cherish moments with loved ones. To make your festivities even sweeter, Beefar’s presents this special Easter offer. Whether you’re a connoisseur of delicious beef or a dessert enthusiast, Beefar’s caters to your taste buds. Remember to visit Beefar’s during the Easter holiday period (March 29th to April 1st) to enjoy this exclusive promotion. With a minimum spend of HKD 1000 per table, you’ll receive a complimentary serving of “Sundae Dessert”. The more you spend, the more desserts you’ll receive, making your Easter celebration even sweeter and more memorable. Start planning your Easter gathering now, and indulge in the finest Satsuma Wagyu beef at Beefar’s while enjoying the special sweet treats we have prepared for you!

beefar's 復活節 特別優惠 送甜品新地

Just in time for the Spring Equinox, Beefar’s culinary team presents a brand new lunch set to welcome the season! Enjoy 9 different lunch sets, all including appetizers, salad, miso soup, and unlimited Japanese ice cream! Chef’s recommendation: “Shinkigen Egg – Akatsuki” stirred noodles with oyster soy sauce rice! DIY the rich and creamy noodle dish and savor the best of both worlds!

全新 午市套餐 beefar's

Chef's recommendation! Try the "Shinkigen Egg - Akatsuki" stirred noodles with oyster soy sauce rice!

"Once you try it, you won't be able to turn back."

The more exquisite the ingredients, the less embellishment they need. By combining them with enhancing seasonings, the taste and texture can be truly extraordinary. The new lunch set, “Stirred Noodles with Oyster Soy Sauce Rice,” perfectly demonstrates this concept. It features the use of “Shinkigen Egg – Akatsuki,” a premium Japanese egg. After stirring, it’s combined with selected oyster soy sauce and premium white truffle oil. The unique sweetness of Akatsuki, the freshness of oyster soy sauce, and the aroma of white truffle oil create a dreamy combination, delivering a rich and delightful mouthfeel with every bite. To top it off, you can pour the remaining egg sauce over the rice, turning it into an egg-covered rice dish. It’s two delicious dishes in one!
全新 午市套餐 beefar's
全新 午市套餐 beefar's

Starting from March 1st, during the promotional period, simply follow these easy steps on Beefar’s Facebook page and enjoy a complimentary “Garlic Butter Grilled Scallops with Crab Roe” when you visit Beefar’s upon purchase:

【Promotion Details】

  1. Like the promotional post on Beefar’s Facebook page.
  2. Comment “I want to have scallops” on the promotional post.
    When you make any purchase at Beefar’s, present the screen showing that you have completed the above steps (screenshots are not valid), and you will receive a complimentary “Garlic Butter Grilled Scallops with Crab Roe”.
Terms and Conditions of the Promotion:
  1. Promotion period: 1st to 31st March 2024. Any participation after the deadline will be deemed invalid.
  2. Each Facebook account is eligible to receive a maximum of two “Garlic Butter Grilled Scallops with Crab Roe” dishes. For each table, a maximum of one “Garlic Butter Grilled Scallops with Crab Roe” dish can be claimed per person. (Example: For a table of two, if one person completes the steps, each person can receive one dish. For a table of five, if three people complete the steps, each person can receive one dish.)
  3. Participants must like the promotional post and comment “I want to have scallops” on the post to be considered valid.
  4. Participants must personally visit the store and present the relevant screen displaying the completed steps of the promotion. Proxy collection or screenshots will not be accepted.
  5. The offer is not valid for “Beefar’s Exclusive Dinner 2024”, set lunch  menus, and lunch specials.
  6. Beefar’s reserves the right to modify or terminate the promotion without prior notice.
  7. The offer cannot be exchanged for cash or other gifts.
  8. In case of any disputes, Beefar’s reserves the final decision-making authority. Images are for reference only.
How to welcome the Year of the Dragon with the utmost joy? It’s simple: indulge in some delicious barbecue and fine sake. Starting today, visit Beefar’s and enjoy “No Corkage Fee” for sake, with no limits on the number of bottles. Send a WhatsApp message right away to gather your friends and bring along your favorite sake or other beverages. Head to the Tsim Sha Tsui branch and raise your glasses to a fantastic year with the “4% Miracle Beef” sizzling on the grill!

Make a reservation now to enjoy No corkage fee

免開瓶費 beefar's 尖沙咀 燒肉

In a busy world, we often pursue material satisfaction. However, true happiness and fulfillment come from precious moments and memories.

Beefar's 情人節 十一

Beefar’s presents the “Valentine’s Day  Set” exclusively during the Valentine’s Day period from February 11th to 17th. Indulge in our carefully selected 4% Miracle Beef and rare cuts, elegantly presented in a floral gift box and rose-shaped design. Complete the romantic culinary experience with a delectable dessert of chocolate molten cake paired with Japanese ice cream. We will also capture a memorable instant photo for you, forever preserving this perfect moment.

Make a reservation by Feb 9 for 15% off.

Enjoy the right moments with the right person.

Beefar's 情人節 甜蜜二盛

Introducing the highly popular “Beefar’s Exclusive Dining 2024” with a new lineup, returning from February 4th. Featuring the addition of the highly sought-after Yaki-Shabu Misuji Thin Sliced. Enjoy this exquisite culinary feast for only $268 per person!

Available during dinner from Sunday to Thursday, indulge in a refined and delightful dining experience to welcome the Year of the Dragon!

  • Terms and conditions apply to the promotion.
  • Images are for reference only.
  • In case of any disputes, Beefar’s reserves the right to make the final decision.

In 2024, introducing the all-new Beefar’s Exclusive Dinner!
Join us for an exquisite dining experience featuring Australian Wagyu Chuck Short Rib, Australian Wagyu Sirloin, and delectable dishes like Uni Toast with Dani Miso. Indulge in the five new menu items along with three popular cuts of Satsuma Wagyu, available every Sunday to Thursday evening. Get ready for a sizzling culinary adventure!

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