【Goal!】Beefar’s Soccer Fever Yakiniku Set

The game is getting hotter and hotter! You may have an even better experience with the all new Beefar’s Soccer Fever Yakiniku Set!

A set of 10 dishes included Satsuma Gyu hot parts such as Top Choice Kalbi, Rare Cut and Top Lean Thin Sliced, and hot items like Kirishima Kurobuta Belly and Hokkaido Scallop. FREE DELIVERY! Seat tight at home and enjoy and the exciting game with the amazing Satsuma guy from Kagoshima!

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(Available till 18/12/2022)

Beefar’s Soccer Fever Yakiniku Set (4 Persons)Portion
Top Choice Kalbi4 x 18g
Top Kalbi4 x 18g
Rare Cut of The Day4 x 15g
Top Ox Tongue (US)4 x 15g
Top Lean Thin Sliced4 x 16g
Kirishima Kurobuta Belly  8 x 15g
Chicken Thigh10 x 23g
Hokkaido Scallop4pcs
Vegetable Assortment1set
Japanese Rice4pax
With: Ponzu and Yakiniku Sauce4pax
世界盃2022 限定燒肉特盛 (4人用)
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